iconOur cleaning system is the prefect hydrocarbon based cleaning System
that comes with robotic or conveyor based automation option to suit your precision cleaning needs, All hydrocarbon cleaning machines are designed by our engineering team with years of experience in developing precision cleaning processes and analysis to achieve high output and quality cleaning Results.

Our hydrocarbon cleaning machines comes with excellent Safety features such as chiller, water cooling coil, Temperature sensor, safety interlock and international Approved oven drying systems for maximum safety. All our hydrocarbon cleaning machines are endorsed with international Recognized safety and quality standards….


  • Standard hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning system
  • Precision hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning system
  • Semi auto hydrocarbon cleaning system
  • Aqueous hydrocarbon cleaning system
  • Customizes hydrocarbon cleaning system

All customizes hydrocarbon cleaning system is can be used to automatically load heavy or sensitive components such as solar panels or used together with barrel rotating or jig / baskets, which are best suited for small components such as stamped part’s, it is designed to achieve high production cleaning yield with highly modular option as follows:

  • Option for single or multiple robotic arm combinations.
  • Option for various lifter design.
  • Option for various horizontal transfer.
  • Option for multiple tanks cleaning (No Limit)
  • Combination of air blow, Oven, Cooling, drying, Vacuum or vapor.
  • Option for ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Option for hydrocarbon recovery.


Standard Hydrocarbon Vacuum Cleaning System


Semi Auto Hydrocarbon Vacuum System



Aquesous Hydrocarbon  Vacuum Cleaning System


Hydrocarbon Recycle System


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