Company Profile

Set up in 2005, Shinsiri has over the years formed strategic partnerships to evolve into a turnkey system supplier of :

  • Precision cleaning (Conveyor / Robotic / Vacuum)
  • Plating / Coating (ED-Coat / Powder / EN / Anodizing / Passivation)
  • Ultra-Pure water (Ion exchange / RO / EDI)
  • Chemicals (Cleaning / Pre-treatment including non-chrome products / E-coat)

Our system designs are customized specifically to meet customers’ requirements for product specifications, throughput, system space utilization and costs (investment and operation) .

The emphasis on environmental and human care has led Shinsiri to develop system that utilizes non-ozone depleting, lead-free, non-chrome, non-carcinogenic and low VOC chemicals.


Metal Surface Finishing System Available                          

  • Turnkey ED Coating System
  • Turnkey Cleaning System (Robotic & Conveyor)
  • Anodizing and Passivation System
  • Barrel Plating System
  • Electroless Nickel Plating System
  • Spray Coating System (Powder & Liquid)

Facilities Available

  • Reverse Osmosis Water System
  • Waste Gas Treatment System (Scrubber)
  • Waste Water Treatment and Recovery System

Trading Available

  • Plating Equipment
  • ED Coating Anode & UF Membrane
  • Rectifier etc




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