Enclosed conveyor type ED Coating system provides simple yet high load machine design to cater for high volume production. The conveying system; driven by high horse power motor at a constant low speed, conveys the articles go through from pretreatment until post-treatment.

Client can choose immersion type, spray type or even combination of these 2 for perfect pretreatment and rinsing.

Hence, the constant moving thru the spray and dipping processes provides excellent rinsing operation compares to that of up-down type. Client who concerns about the possible contamination from the surrounding, prefers this design as it is fully covered from the beginning until the end of the process

Conveyor System (Automotive)

Conveyor-System-AutomotiveShinsiri has been at the driving seat in producing ED coating line for hard disc drive (HDD) and automotive industries

Conveyor System (HDD)


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